Born in Dogtown.

The Original Self-Igniting Pipe Combines a Lighter & Pipe. Never look for a lighter again Solopipe – It’s all you need. Born in Dogtown, Venice, CA.

solopipe pipe and lighter

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Marijuana and Fitness

Exercising. Working out. Doing something other than binge watching reruns on Netflix for hours. These polarizing words either fill you will extreme loathing or excitement. The reactions to exercise are about as diverse as the effects of marijuana. But how...

Dirty Games: NFL Hits Cannabis Hard

Football is arguably one of America’s favorite pastimes, but let’s be honest, most of us prefer to watch the game at our local sports bar than personally collide with a linebacker at full force. It should be no surprise that football hurts — and boy, does it hurt....

Top Cannabis Festivals in 2017

Attending a cannabis festival can be found on the bucket list of any cannabis enthusiast. Until recent years, however, cannabis festivals were even fewer and farther between. Now that over half of the country’s states have legalized marijuana, it is fair to speculate...